About Me


Hi There!  My name is Laurie, and I am passionate about all things design.  I am always creating and designing.  It permeates most of my waking thoughts, and many of my dreams.  Professionally, I have been an Interior Designer for nine years.  Although when I think about it, design has been part of my life for much longer.  It all started with a Barbie Dream House one Christmas morning; life was never the same.

I believe that one’s story begins at home. A place to love, laugh, hope and dream.  It is within those walls that we dare to be all that we truly are; where we explore who we would like to become.   Home welcomes family and friends to pen additional chapters in our story.   It would be my honor to help guide you in creating a home that welcomes happiness, inspires growth and creativity, and provides shelter for all those who need it.

 I recently started to ponder how I can reach more people and help them create a beautiful and functional home.  I hope this blog serves to inspire and enlighten all those who visit.